Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catching Up on Correspondence

Bryan Curtis of tells the interesting story of a former ballplayer who answered his fan mail... 15 years after he'd received it. Don Carman, a relief pitcher who spent ten years in the majors found a box of unanswered letters tucked away in a box in a garage, and felt compelled to respond.
Carman could hardly bear to throw the letters away. But at age 47, he didn't have the enthusiasm to pick through them, either. So he paid his son Jackson, who is 8 years old, $4 to open and sort them. Then they sat down together, with Jackson, who never saw his father play, marveling at the rapturous odes inside. ("Dear Mr. Carman: You are my favorite baseball player. … ") At first content with merely signing the cards, Carman got caught up in the spirit and started writing notes to the now-grown kids.