Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back From Alaska

Just returned from a two-week trip to Alaska with the family. We flew into Fairbanks, then made our way gradually south towards Anchorage on the Alaska Railroad. It was an amazing experience. We'd ride for miles without seeing a house or a road or any signs of human life. The word that kept springing to mind was "pristine." The scenery was breathtaking just about everywhere you looked, and most of the geography was undisturbed by man.

I saw and did too much to describe in a single blog posting, but if you're curious, I'd invite you to check out what we have posted at our family web site -- lahman.org. Between myself and the three kids, we took wel over 3500 pictures with our digital cameras. I posted a few each day when I could get internet access, and once we returned I uploaded low res versions of everything else.

Because we were doing so much, I kept a journal of our activities. Otherwise, I knew I'd forget some of the amazing things we got to experience. As time permits, I hope to make that journal available at the family website along with edited versions of the best pictures. My younger daughter Hannah is doing the same thing with her written journal, and Audrey, her older sister, made posts to her blog during the trip.