Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fred Taylor Knocks My Book

My new book has been out for about a month. Yes, I know I'm lousy when it comes to self promotion, but the sales have been strong and the reviews have been very good.

Of all the press I've received, my favorite piece comes from an NFL player who took umbrage at where I had ranked him. Fred Taylor of the Jacksonville Jaguars told a Florida Times-Union reporter that I was crazy for ranking him as only the 35th best running back of all-time.

"Tell that dude I'm one of the top five running backs of all time," Taylor said. "Looking at the caliber of running backs that have played the game, I'm definitely in the top 10. I've got to prove him wrong and make the top 10 before it's all said and done."

USA Today and Gannett have both had good reviews, and the Library Journal -- which reviews new books for librarians to consider purchasing -- gave it a starred review. More details at my website.