Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mea Culpa, Don Beebe

On the radio last night, host Bob Matthews and I were talking about former Buffalo Bill Steve Tasker and his chances of making the Hall of Fame. Bob's a big supporter of Tasker, but I told him I thought that the lack of statistics for special teamers would keep him out. The one thing that would help, I said, was the big play he made in Super Bowl XXVII, chasing down Leon Lett from behind and swiping the ball out of his hands as he crossed the goal line.

It was a memorable moment, except of course it wasn't Steve Tasker who made the play. It was his teammate, Don Beebe.

Thanks to the eight (yes eight) people who emailed me to set me straight. And of course, thanks to the folks who called up to talk football. I love talking to radio hosts across the country, but I especially enjoy taking calls and fielding questions from listeners.